Mr. Arthur P. Jackson of Carrollton, formerly of Hapeville, passed away on March 5, 1979 after a brief  illness.
Mr. Jackson, a prominent Atlanta businessman and philanthropist,  had business interests ranging from banking to construction and publishing.   He was known, not only for his business ability, but for his personal interest in the people and progress of the community.  He was often an anonymous donor who fulfilled some community need.

Mr. Jackson was born in 1913 in Jones County, Georgia.  When he was 14, his father passed away, leaving him with the responsibility of caring for his six brothers and sisters remaining at home. 

In the 1940's, Mr. Jackson became the youngest Chrysler-Plymouth dealer in the United States.  One of his employees was a young salesman who went on to become a major auto dealer in metro Atlanta -- Ed Voyles.

In 1946, he founded the Citizens' Bank of Hapeville (later purchased by Wachovia), where he served as president and chairman of the board for 24 years.

Through the years,  Mr. Jackson also had numerous other business, political and community interests.

He was president of the Hapeville Concrete Block Company 
and owner of one of Atlanta's largest concrete companies.  In the early 1960s, Mr. Jackson started the Atlanta Times, a daily Atlanta newspaper which competed with the other Atlanta papers.  The Times endorsed Barry Goldwater for President in 1964, something unheard of in Georgia at the time.

He retired in 1969 at age 56 and bought Chalmar, the Carrollton home of Academy-Award winning actress Susan Hayward.  During his retirement he enjoyed raising cattle and had maintained other financial interests until his death.